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ITC Farma aims for maximum innovation in its production processes

The pharmaceutical company of Pomezia is now equipped with a modern avant-garde laboratory 

ITC Farma punta alla massima innovazione dei processi produttiviROME – Technological innovation, academic research and entrepreneurial capacities that continually surpass all expectations. These are the factors that constitute the strength of ITC Farma, which has recently been equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory and new technological instruments.
 This exciting new development is only the latest improvement to be introduced by ITC Farma, and it has allowed the firm to renew its production modalities, while acquiring a pharmaceutical research laboratory that uses high level equipment and scientific technologies that are truly unique, with a degree of reliability and performance that isperfectly appropriate for a strategic sector such as that of pharmaceutics.

 Ongoing research, development and constant quality monitoring will also play a decisive role in this context, thanks to an active collaboration between leading experts in the sector from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the “Sapienza” University of Rome: Professor Silvio Massimo Lavagna and Professor Daniela Secci,and thepharmaceutical staff of ITC Farma, supervised by the director of the plant Dr. Guglielmo Frontini and Dr. Stefano Di Manno, the head of quality-control.

 These new-generation technologies will therefore make it possible to further enhance the existing production cycles, as well as to diversify into several new areas, optimizing research processes with constant attention towards quality, safety and environmental sustainability. This is a genuine qualitative leap forward with a wider international resonance, which will certainly constitute an important stimulus for pharmaceutical production in the Lazio region of central Italy.