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ITC Farma finds an opening in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry

A meeting at the Sapienza University between the representatives of Italian pharmaceutical industries, and of Chinese pharmaceutical associations and research.

itcfarma-apre-cinesiROME - ITC Farma has recently participated in an international meeting held at the Sapienza University of Rome, promoted by Professor Bruno Botta and Professor Silvio Massimo Lavagna of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology of the university. Guglielmo Frontini, the general manager and plant director of ITC Farma, said it was a very positive meeting during which the delegation representing the major Chinese pharmaceutical companies expressed considerable interest in the company, based in Pomezia to the south of Rome. “The qualitative leap forward made by our pharmaceutical company – says Frontini – is certainly bringing positive results in terms of the reliability of steady manufacturing processes, by means of a rigorously monitored production chain. Thanks to the latest investments this fact has been noticed also by our Chinese colleagues, who see our industrial activity, despite its fairly limited dimensions, as an example to be imitated. We arevery proud of this result which gives us another good reason to move ahead with all the innovative processes that we have begun”.