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ITC Farma, a productive cycle involving expertise and cutting-edge technology: the excellence of contract manufacturing

The company based at Pomezia near Rome goes from strength to strength, instituting superior strategies and equipping itself with the latest generation of innovative and technological instruments


ROME - Preparation, experience, competence, passion and innovative technologies that ensure success on the international markets. These are the values that make ITC Farma a leading pharmaceutical company. Our production division is an undeniable expression of faultless value and genuine excellence, thanks to the skills and qualifications of a unique staff, coordinated by the manager Tina Joubert and by targeted decisions to acquire new technologies, which have positioned ITC Farma in a highly innovative segment within the field of contract manufacturing. The tablet press Prexima 300, which won Pharma Manufacturing's annual Pharma Innovation Awards in 2018, the ARIA 900 fluid bed technology and the Adapta 100, all of which are made by I.M.A. (Automatic Machinery Industry), have recently been acquired. This has further enhanced the automation of manufacturing processes in ITC Farma, opening up new development opportunities and new commercial scenarios that can satisfy the multiple requirements of the pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals market on every front. 
“Among our goals” – explains Guglielmo Frontini, the plant director of ITC Farma – “there is that of making our progress increasingly innovative and impeccable, thanks to the training and competence of the people who work with us and all with the technological advances that are fundamental in our sector. This inevitable progression makes us less vulnerable to the socio-economic changes that are currentlyunderway and offers greater reliability to our stakeholders, since security is further reinforced for the benefit of the whole community.”

Comparto Produzione ITC Farma Resp. Tina Joubert Vice Resp. Angelo Negri (in the video) Operatore specializz. Emanuele Giovannotti (in the video) Operatore specializz. Doriano Persi (in the video).

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