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In ITC Farma the philosophy of “Lean transformation” is real 5 million Euros are to be invested in high-quality production

The Italian pharmaceutical company, a national leader in the sector of contract manufacturing, has decided to invest a further 5 million Euros in its production cycle during 2020, with the acquisition of new pharmaceutical packaging machines.

itc-farmaThe latest addition to ITC Farma is a new generation blister packaging machine with an exceptionally high productive capacity. It can handle several different materials (such as Aluminium, PVC, PVC/PVDC and paper) and is equipped with a “continuous printing” system for the materials of the blister. The decision to acquire this machine was made to further improve the company’s “lean” production, minimizing waste and if possible even eliminating it completely. This innovative process uses a solvent-free ink to print identifying information on blank reels just before the blister is sealed, which reduces the risk of using the wrong printed materials. It is a technologically advanced procedure that is perfectly in line with ITC Farma's corporate policy, which is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. “This is an inevitable step towards improving our production processes in the area of lean transformation” states Guglielmo Frontini, the plant director of ITC Farma “because today intelligent options must be conceived, elaborated and adopted, so as to offer stakeholders the maximum guarantee for the quality of the product, right up until the last step of the production cycle, that of packaging. Furthermore, eco-friendly choices should not just be made by accident, but they must be an integral part of the virtuous attitude that our company has maintained for a long time. In fact, we consider innovation and sustainability as two elements that must be closely related to each other, today more than ever before, in order to build and strengthen an environmentally ethical approach, as an essential characteristic of our company”.