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Pharmaceuticals. The positive vision of ITC Farma is the result of carefully considered opportunities and decisions

ITC-Farma-newsITC Farma focusses on human potentials and skills by adopting industrial strategies that, in a perspective of open innovation, can stimulate conscious productivity and creativity, as well as personal and collective growth. In many cases this approach is perfectly in line with the advantages offered by European laws thanks to the LIFE 2020 funding programme for research and development, awarded to research projects that make use of tax credits and all those enabling technologies that are included in the so-called Industry 4.0 policy. But that is not all. Advantageous industrial approaches such as these often also produce a much more important result in socio-economic terms: the creation of a particular synergy between the worlds of academic research and of business. This kind of multidisciplinary conjunction provides mutual benefits even in the short term, primarily by avoiding the so-called “brain drain”, due to the opportunities it offers young graduates to enter sectors that are strategic for the country as a whole.

“It is thanks to European investments, made possible for Italian companies that intend to actively aim towards concrete technological innovation, that we have always tried to develop a virtuous model which aims to further strengthen the results we have achieved in the national pharmaceutical field through solid scientific and intellectual knowledge, and with entrepreneurs who are mainlyinvolved in the contract manufacturing sector in Italy” explains Guglielmo Frontini, the plant director of ITC Farma.

“It is no coincidence that – continues Frontini – even in the least promising moments, opportunities can be transformed into choices that lead to genuine improvement, also thanks to favourable European/Italian legislation and institutions that are particularly active and sensitive to industrial issues. In ITC we have made some carefully considered decisions, in the conviction that new pathways must be entered upon and explored with innovative sensitivity, while thinking of the continual metamorphosis that we are witnessing every day.

Today, after a tangible renewal implemented in our productive systems of packaging and of research and development, involving both the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical sectors, we can see the first positive signs to indicate that we have taken the right direction.

Being reliable and competent provides a definite added value if investments lead to research and innovation, thanks to the opportunities that Europe and Italy have made available to relaunch industry.

For this reason – Frontini concludes – it is essential to investigate all the possible scenarios, looking to the future with courage and with perseverance, and without putting any limits on exploration.”